Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Bike Ride

Today I went outside for a walk and tried to make a daisy chain, but it wouldn't stay together.  Then I changed into playing clothes and we went for a bike ride with our dad to the park.  Then we went into this tunnel and found that the top of it was boring because it was just a big piece of wood.  So we went to this other place where you walk on these bouncy things.  We asked dad to spin us on the tire, and he said that Nathan has to spin us for 10 minutes.  He spun us for 10 minutes and we got so dizzy we almost threw up.  After that we played on a rope that slides across a wire.  Then we rode home on our bikes and I blogged.  Good night everybody!



  1. I spun you around on the tire too.

    I love you Pumpkin



  2. What a great blog!!

    You sure have an interesting blog. I really like it.

    We had a great time at your birthday party! Can't wait until next year!!



    Grandpa Curt