Friday, August 18, 2006


Hey, yesterday we went swimming at my cousin's house and we made a real whirlpool. It was really pulling us. It was so fun. We could not go backwards and we could hardly stop! And then we ate cookies and ruined the whirl pool. It was really fun to ruin the whirlpool!

Then we swam for a long time and made a new whirlpool and had more cookies and ruined the newwhirl pool. We swam for a long time and made a new whirlpool.
And then we had to go in and we would not stop bothering  my cousin's new cat Loui.

Then we went home and my mom logged me my brother and my sister onto
Book Adventure. I found  Book Adventure at Mrs. Kristie's blog.

Gotta go. Bye.



  1. I am so glad that you enjoy Book Adventure although I can tell by the title to your blog that you would love anything to do with reading books.

    *Mrs. Kristie*

  2. hey sunny delight..what is up?????? Once i was in a whirlpool for like 2 hours and i could not get out and when i got out i had a serious case of DIARRHEA..thought youd wanna know that ...xoxochristina

  3. awsome,

    the pool sounded realy fun ally. i bet you had fun. say hi to your cousins for me.

    well I realy have to go to bed see you later.

    <3 emmy

  4. 1. what is your favorite color?

    2. what is your favorite food?

    3. what is your favorite clothes store?

    4. what have you eaten today?

    5. who are your heroes?

    6. what is your middle name?

    7. what is/are your pet peevs?

    8. what was the saddest day of your life? happiest?

    9. what is the most necessary accessorie? (sorry about my spelling!) ex purse, jewerly?

    10. who is your favorite actor/actress?

    11. what is your favorite drink? cola, water??

    12. do you like school?

    13. what is your favorite subject?

    14. are you annoyed with how long this quiz is?

    well if you said yes will be happy to know you are done!!