Thursday, May 28, 2009

Decoupage, instructions and new cover

We started with this light switch cover that we got from Wal Mart's for 20 cents!!!

The picture mom wanted me to use for this light switch cover looked similar to this. This is in the family room so that is why this light switch cover will be in the family room.

In this picture my mom is cutting the picture so that it will fit on the cover. First she had to pick her favorite part of the picture because she couldn't have the whole thing.

This is where I spread the decoupage over the back of the picture with a sponge brush.

This picture is the back of the light switch cover now that I put the picture on it. You have to make sure the corners are tucked in very tightly.

This is the picture after I cut the holes for the light switch cover and screws.

In this picture I am spreading decoupage over the front of the light switch cover, picture, so that it will harden and not rip.

Your cover should look like this when you are done spreading the decoupage over the front.

And here is a picture of the light switch cover.

See you again soon with a new craft!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. wow,that is awesome...i am sooooo impressed..

    i have some wooden picture frames that i bet would look fantastic in decoupage...maybe when you come up in july we give it a try...

    love you, grandma glory

  2. That is some beautiful work. I wish I could do that.


  3. I luv Narnia!!!! Susan is my favorite!