Monday, October 12, 2009

Painting The Room

We are painting our room!

We are painting the walls lime green, and the ceiling white, and the bottom of the baseboards are going to be black, the doors are going to be chalkboard black so we can write on it, and the windowsill is going to be hot pink.

We are almost finished the walls and the ceiling is done.

That's it.



  1. wow,sounds spectacular..who is doing the painting?

    need any help with window treatments? i am availiable love you, grandma glory

  2. Coolbeans Ally!!!

    Can't wait to see the room.


  3. that's awesome, ally!! it sounds like it's going to look great, can't wait to see it!!!!

    -aunt nicole

  4. Sounds colorfull to say the least. Not sure I will do my bedroom in those colors but to each there own.

    Gramps Bob

  5. Your room sounds so neat!!! Especially LOVE the chalkboard idea.

    I know you like books..

    Have you heard about the reading challenge over at

    Looks like real fun! I'll be entering as soon as I gather up some books.