Wednesday, April 28, 2010

30 Hour Famine

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. There hasn't been much to post about lately. Well, last weekend our youth group participated in something called the 30 Hour Famine. We didn't eat for 30 hours, we slept outside in cardboard boxes, and we played something called tribe games.

For the tribe games everybody was split into 3 different tribes. All of the tribes picked a leader and then each of them got a different card. This card had a person that they would be pretending to be during the games. Each one had something wrong with them and they had to act it out during the games. My girl was named Kedija (keh-dee-juh) she was 9 years old and had lost the ability to speak, so I couldn't talk during any of the games and I don't know sign language.

The first game we played we had to pick one person from each team to put on a blindfold and walk around a little area trying to find a food item first. But there were also balloons to make it harder so if you touched the balloon you were automatically out. Our team came in second on this game.

The second game each tribe got an envelope which had disease, symptom, prevention, and cause cards. Whoever got all of the cards matched in the right order won. Our team won that game!!!!!!!!!

The third game was really gross. We had to take a jug of water and walk it to a bucket, pour the water into the bucket, sit down and take our socks and shoes off and put our feet in the water for five seconds, one foot at a time, then we had to dry our feet off with the paper towel under our chair, making sure to save paper towel for the other members of the team, and then go and throw the paper towel out, then we had to go back to the chairs and put our socks and shoes back on and fill the water jug and bring it back to the next person. The water was really dirty but my team did come in second.

The next game was really unfair to our team. Each tribe leader got a few cards with a few words that didn't make sense. The words meant something different and your tribe had to find out what it was, like one of them meant dirty water and stuff like that. The reason it was unfair to our team was because the tribe leader couldn't talk so we only had two people who could talk because Kedija (I) couldn't talk.

The next game was painful. You had a food carrier from each tribe and someone who could steal food. The food carrier and the food thief had to go on the ends and then the other two people had to go in between them and they all linked arms. The food was clipped onto the food carrier (unfortunately I was the food carrier). You had to try and steal other peoples food while protecting your own without touching it. I kept getting whipped onto the ground because they were trying to protect our food. :'(. Our team lost that game.

The last game we had to make something to protect an egg if it fell. You got a some fake money and you had to buy things to make an egg protector. Then you had to go outside with your egg in your egg protector and you were spun around five times, put the egg protector on your head and walk to the line, then you had to throw your egg protector back to the next person in line. All of our eggs broke so everybody lost that round. Our team came in second in the tribe games. That's all of the tribe games.

We played one of them on Friday and the rest on Saturday.

On Friday we also made our box shelters for the night. The girls all shared one and the boys shared one. I will try to post pictures of the shelters soon. We slept in the boxes and I got up at 6:30 cause I couldn't fall back asleep. It was so cold.

On Saturday we dug out a garden for our church. We were all very hungry and tired by then.

The last activity we did was we split up into two teams and went to a grocery store. Each team was given $20.00 and they had to try and get the most food, they were not allowed to go over $20.00 dollars. The food also had to be healthy and non-perishable. Our team lost that.

And then we watched Dennis the Menace and ate pizza. Everyone also tried to get sponsored before the famine and we will be sending all the money we earned to world vision to help feed hungry children around the world. It was so much fun and I hope we can do it again next year.
That's it.



  1. hi ally,

    now that is a report...i give you an a plus....the games sound really hard.hope you didn't get too bang up.

    have a great trip to n. you, grandma glory

  2. how i don't think i could do that. sounds like a lot of fun though.

    ipod touch