Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last night my mom let my brothers my sister and I go outside and play freeze tag. While we were playing Kathryn saw a dog across the street. We went across the street and the dog ran across to the other street so we did to. Then he came up to me and started sniffing me. We saw his collar and had Jordan go get food for him. Mom said he couldn't get food but she told him to write down the numbers on his licenses. There were four Warren numbers and then we finally found his number and his name. His name was Gonzo. Mom called his owner and she came to pick him up.



  1. That was really cool Allyson!!

    There was probably a very appreciative person that evening when Gonzo got home.


    Grandpa Curt

  2. you guys are the best......i am so happy you took the time to find the dogs owner.....i love you all a zillion billion.....

  3. Hi! I see that you have done all the SE assingments! I have too, well I sekipped the 6th one.


  4. Hello! Ok, a state seal is something that represents your state. Here is what I did for the seal of IL:

    If you still don't understand, then research "state seal", and I will post/link it on the SE blog. ; )