Saturday, October 6, 2007

State Exploration Assignment 5

Michigan's nickname is The Wolverine State. The reason is that the Native  Americans would trade wolverine skins with the French explorers. Wolverines don't really live in Michigan. Native Americans got the skins from Canada and brought them to Michigan.

I don't know who named it The Wolverine State and I don't know when.

I found an interesting story that I never heard before. Well, there was an old man that owned a tavern. He was called the "Old Coon." When people came he would tell his wife Sally to make wolf steaks. One time a young guest asked if she was really eating wolf steaks and he said yes she was. She said, "Then that would make me a wolverine," and he said, "Yes, it would ." So  the settlers started calling themselves wolverines.

Michigan is also called The Great Lakes State because it is surrounded by three of the great lakes.


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