Friday, October 12, 2007

State Exploration Assignment 6

Maps of Your State
*A Political Map of Your State
* Post a political map of your state
* Each state has its own unique shape. What does your state remind you of
and is there something about it you're fond of?
*The shape is determined by its boundaries. A political map shows the
nations, cities, and states as well as come rivers, lakes, and other
bodies of water. Please list them.

My state is shaped like a mitten.

Bodies of water:

Lake Erie

Lake Huron

Lake Superior

Lake Michigan

Muskegon River

Grand River

A Physical Map of Your State
*A physical map shows the land and water areas of the earth and gives
their names. Post a physical map of your state.

Also, if it's an easy-info assignment (IE state nickname) please try to use books and not just search it on the internet. Write your own words, instead of copying info off a site. I found a bunch of history books and I
will be using them as much as I can to find info. Go look through your bookshelves and pull out any books that will help you with the assignments.




  1. hi ally,

    you sure do know your mi. your clear you too,xxoo grandma glory

  2. That is terrific you are such a bookworm! Homeschooling is such a blessing for ones like you that take advantage of all that time to read and read!

    I can imagine your parents are very appreciative of your love for learning!

    I added you to my friends list -


  3. yea it does look like a mitten. interesting!