Sunday, October 15, 2006

tagged again

1. what is your favorite color?
2. what is your favorite food?
I don't know
3. what is your favorite clothes store?
I don't know
4. what have you eaten today?
A sandwich
5. who are your heroes?
no one
6. what is your middle name?
7. what is/are your pet peevs?
I don't know.
8. what was the saddest day of your life? happiest?
saddest when Rosie died. Happiest, when we got Rosie
9. what is the most necessary accessorie? (sorry about my spelling!) ex purse, jewerly?
The Bible
10. who i your favorite actor/actress?
I don't know
11. what is your favorite drink? cola, water??
12. do you like school?
13. what is your favorite subject?
14. are you annoyed with how long this quiz is?