Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tagged again

What is your favorite kind of bike riding?
Around the block
What is your favorite bike color?
If you could have any bike in the world, what kind would it be?
Hot Rock
Do you wear a helmet?
What is your favorite thing to eat after a bike ride?
I dont know
What is the longest bike ride you ever went on?
I dont know
Pets or bikes, which would you rather have?
What is your favorite, Drumsticks or Icecream Sandwiches?
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Dogs or Cats?



1. Where would you live in Narnia?
Castle Cair Paravel
2. Which item would you like, a healing cordial, bow & arrows and horn, or sword
and shield?
A Healing Cordial
3. Who would you want as your brother or sister , Lucy, Edmund, Susan or Peter?
4. If you were King or Queen of Narnia what would your name be? (Ex. Edmund
the Just)
Queen Allyson the gentle
5. What is your favorite Narnia creature?
the beavers
6. Who is your favorite Narnia hero Peter or Aslan?
7. What is your favorite Narnia scene?
The part were they have to cross the river
8. Having fun?
9. What is your favorite book?
I don't know
10. Who are you going to tag?


Friday, July 7, 2006

up north

Hey, guess what! The Sunday after Fathers Day I went up north. On the way up we watched Kicking and Screaming. It was really funny. When we got up north we ate dinner and went to bed. The next morning we took a walk and played at the sand hill. Then we came home and ate lunch. And after lunch we went swimming at the creek. I was looking under the steps for a rock for my sister, and I saw a black snake. I was so scared. Then we went home and ate dinner. The next day my sister and I went to the beach and grandpa took everyone else shooting. And then there was a warning that hail was coming towards the beach so we went home.And then everyday we went swimming and the last day was a beach bash. Before going to the beach bash I made a pillowcase and then we went and saw the fire works. The next day we went home.