Saturday, January 5, 2008


1.How many brothers do you have? 2

2.How many sisters do you have? 1

3.Can you whistle? Yes

4.Do you like "Silly Songs with Larry"? kind of

5.How often do you wear black? hardly ever

6.Do you like to wear black? sometimes

7.How about pink/purple? i like them

8.What is you favorite veggie? salad

9.How often do you lose your hairbrush? never

10.How long is your hair? down to the bottom of my shoulder blades

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I tagged Kalene, Richie, rcelliott, pureone, and maybe a few more people!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

State Exploration assignment 11

* Each state send two US Senators to represent our state in Washington;
* Their names are Carl Levin & Debbie Stabenow
* Post a picture of your state senators to the US Senate


* What parties are each of them under? They are both Democrats
* How long have they been serving as senators? Carl Levin since 1979; Debbie Stabenow since 2001
* How long until their term is up? Carl Levin's term is up in 2009; Debbie Stabenow's term is up in 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

State Exploration assignment 10

*My State Capital is: Lansing

*How long has it been the capital: since 1847 (the area was Lansing Township at that time)

*When was the city first established: Lansing Township was organized in 1842. It wasn't established as the city of Lansing until 1859.

*Who was the first person/people to settle there: less than twenty people from Lansing, New York

*Post a picture of your state capital

*The population of your state capital is: 18.3 million

*Is the capital the largest city in your state: No

*If not, what is the largest city: Detroit

*The smallest city/town in your state: Lake Angelus

*Smallest town's population: 328


State Exploration assignment 9


I couldn't find any information about it but I do like the design.