Thursday, August 21, 2008

Homeschool kids write assingment #30

This week we were supposed to make a schedule. Here's mine.
7:00 am Get up, get dressed, make bed, brush teeth
7:30 am Read Bible
8:00 am Eat breakfast
8:30 am Read
9:30 am Do math
10:00 am Crochet
11:00 am Blog
11:30 am Work on website
12:00 pm Eat lunch
12:30 pm Read Bible
1:00 om Water garden
1:30 pm Play outside 
2:00 pm Crochet
2:30 pm Play outside
3:00 pm Make jewelry
3:30 pm Play board games
4:00 pm Play in pool
5:00 pm Make dinner
6:00 pm Eat dinner
7:00 pm Read Bible
8:00 pm Go to bed


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Homeschool kids write assignment #17

On this assignment I am supposed to take a fairy tale but tell it from a different point of view.
I picked Cap o' Rushes, an old English fairy tale. I am going to tell it from the cap o' rushes point of view.
Hello. I am a cap o' rushes.The woman that made me uses me herself. She is wearing me to disguise herself because her father has kicked her out of the house. He had asked all his daughters how much they loved them and she said that she loved him as much as meat loved salt. So she was kicked out.
Well she found a home to stay in and is a servant there. They call her Cap o' Rushes because she will not tell them her name. One day there was a ball and everyone was invited, even all the servants. The other servants told Cap o' Rushes about it but she was tired and did not want to go. But as soon as they were gone she took me off and under me there was a beautiful gown. And then she went to the ball and danced with her master's son all night. She went home before the ball ended and the next day the servants told her all about the lady at the ball. They also told her that there was to be another ball that night and that the lady was sure to be there. That evening the lady said that she was to tired to go. But as soon as everyone was gone she took me off and there was that beautiful gown again. She went to the dance and came home before it ended. The next day the servants told her that there was to be another dance this evening and she was sure to be there. That evening Cap o' Rushes said that she was to tired to go. Then she took me off and there was that gown. And off she went to the dance. Well that night the masters son asked her her name but she would not answer. So he gave her a ring and said if he did not see her again he would die. So the next day the servants told her that she wouldn't be able to see the lady for there wasn't to be any more dances. Well the masters son asked everyone about the lady but no one knew anything about her. So he got so sick that he had to stay to his bed. One day the cook was making him some gruel and Cap o' Rushes came in and asked if she could make it. At first the cook said no but finally she gave in. Before the cook took it upstairs Cap o' Rushes put the ring in the bowl. When the man had drank all the gruel he found the ring and asked who had made the gruel. The cook said that she did and he said  "No you did not. Tell me who made it and you shall not be harmed."
So the cook told him that it was Cap o' Rushes and he sent for her and asked her where she had gotten the ring. She said that she got it from the man that gave it to her and he asked who she was and she said that she would show him.
So she took me off and there she was in her beautiful clothes. Well the masters son got better very fast and they were to be married soon. Her father was invited but still no one knew who she was. The day of the wedding the lady told the cook she didn't want any salt on any dish. At the wedding no one could eat the food because it had no taste. But her father had a bite of every dish and started crying. The masters son asked him what was the matter and he said "I had a daughter. And I asked her how much she loved me and she said as much as meat loved salt and I kicked her out of my house and now I know that she loved me best. And she may be dead for all I know." 'No father she is here." And cap o' rushes went up to him and put her arms around him.
And they lived happily ever after.