Monday, July 21, 2008

Mom's quilt

Hey. I am staying at my grandma's house right now and I have been making my mom a quilt for her birthday. She is on a mission trip so I sent her a picture of it on her birthday. It wasn't finished then and it still isn't now. My grandma is hemming the ends right now. After that I have to sew on the label and then it will be done. I can't wait until I can see mom and show it to her. My grandma made my mom a sock monkey tote bag. This is a sock monkey quilt to go along with that. My sister is going to make a sock monkey wonder wallet for her to. Well that's it.



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July

On the fourth of July we went to my grandparents house for a barbecue. At the barbecue our cousins invited us to stay the night at their house so that  we could stay and watch the fireworks (because we were going to go to our friends house to watch their fireworks) but our parents said no. So we went home and then mom found out that she had left her purse at grandmas house and Jordan left his camera. So when everyone but mom got in the car dad told us that we had one minute to get clothes. We got to stay the night! I spent most of my minute saying goodbye to mom. On the way dad told us that we had to tell everyone that our parents forgot us. When we got there I ran in and grabbed my moms purse and brought it to dad . When I got there my little cousin Sergio asked me what I was doing back. So I said "Our parents forgot us". So Sergio ran to his dad saying" Oh my gosh. Dad! Dad!"