Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The American Kennel Club is having a writing contest. You can write a story about any of their dog breeds.
The deadline is June 31st 2008.
I'm writing a story and I hope you do to.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

The hornet sting

About two hours ago my sister  Kathryn and I were swinging and I was apparently swinging by a hornets nest and one of the hornets got mad and flew down and landed on my face and stung me right by my eye. I ran to the gate and told my mom I just got stung by a hornet. My mom took me inside and our neighbor Liam asked if we could come over and swim. Mom said yes but I couldn't go until we had the hornet stinger out. So Mr.Brian told my mom to put mud where the stinger was. So I let mom put the mud on my face and a few minutes later I thought that the stinger was out so we took the mud off my face but the stinger was still there so mom put more mud on my face and finally the stinger came out.
So mom said I could go over Liam's and swim for twenty minutes.
Well I have to get off now.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Frankenmuth birthday

Yesterday I had so much fun at Frankenmuth  with my Mom my Grandma Suzette my  Grandma Glory  and my Sister Kathryn.
First I wanted to go for a carriage ride, but they didn't have them out yet. So we  went to a gift shop and looked at  the Life of Faith doll clothes.
Finally I decided on one and my Mom told me I should have the shop hold it for me in case I would want something else.

After we took it to the lady and asked her to hold it for us, we went over to look at the baby dolls. Then  Grandma Glory came and put a silly birthday crown on me. Of course both Grandma Suzette and Grandma Glory had to take a picture.

Then my Mom asked me if I would wear these big funky glasses. So both Kathryn and I wore a pair and  Grandma Suzette and  Grandma Glory took a few pictures.

Then we went outside to see if they had the carriage rides yet, and they had a brown horse and a white horse. I chose the brown horse.
We soon found out that the brown horse was named Cody and the white horse was named Gus.

As soon as we got off we walked to my Grandma Glory's car and got both my presents and my Mom's present.
Then we had lunch at The Bavarian Inn and my Mom and I opened our presents.

Then we went to the river place where we went to raining cats and dogs. then we went to bead haven and Grandma Glory got some beads and Kitty and I each got a mood ring. Then we went to the popcorn wagon and Kitty and I got some popcorn and we got Jordan some popcorn.

Then we went to the cheese haus and I got three pennies squished in the penny squasher machine.
Then we went back to the gift shop where, instead of getting doll clothes, I got the Elsie doll.

Then we went home.