Monday, January 16, 2012

What Happens When the Freezer Door Won't Stay Closed (FMAB)

My sister and I were eating lunch and the freezer door kept opening. So naturally we thought of what would happen if the freezer door wouldn't close in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and this is what we came up with.

The story begins with everyone visiting Hughes (who is not dead!!!) to see his new baby. They are all sitting at the dinner table when all of a sudden the freezer door opens. Hughes gets up and closes it then comes to sit back down at the table. The door opens again and he closes it again. This process repeats almost a thousand times when finally Mustang blasts it with fire. When the fire finally goes out they realize that the fire just made the situation worse because now the whole kitchen was filled with smoke. So Hawkeye pulls out a gun and starts shooting the fridge, after she runs out of bullets in 13 guns she finally gives up. Ed is walking up to the freezer to see what he can do when Winry says that he can't do anything cause he can't reach the freezer. This comment results in lots of yelling from Ed and then Winry hits the freezer with her special wrench that no one knows where it comes from. Al tries to comfort and fix the fridge with alchemy but it is just destroyed again. Elisia tells her “boyfriend” that if he doesn't make the freezer door stop opening then she will break up with him. Hughes pulls out his gun and aims it at the little boy and Hawkeye shoots his gun. Everyone yells at Hawkeye and she shoots at them all (missing on purpose). This continues to happen until finally someone (we don't really know who it was all a big mess of smoke by this time cause no one had completely put out Mustang's fire) attacked Hawkeye. Mustang got angry and tried to kill them but Hawkeye got mad at him and told him that she could take care of herself. She shot at him (again, purposely missing) and handed him a stack of paperwork as tall as Ed. (Yes, Winry made fun of Ed for being as tall as a stack of paper which started the yelling again.) Then the firemen came and put out the fire and Gracia cleaned everything up. Then the baby woke up (they still hadn't seen the baby even though that was what they came for in the first place) so Gracia brought her out. Then they all sat down to a peaceful dinner when...the freezer door opened.

And what do you think happens next?

Hope you guys liked it : D