Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Sis Two Sis Me Sis You Sis: Sometimes You Have to be Last

So in my last post I talked about compromising and agreeing on the changes in your room. In this post I'm going to tell you that sometimes you have to be last.

Both my sister and I had to make sacrifices when it came to organizing our room. Kathryn didn't like having a dresser so we made storage beds and got rid of the dresser. I love our beds but I liked having our dresser too. It gave us more space to store our clothes and a place to have a lamp.

We tried to compromise when it came to the dresser. We were given a bunk bed that had a trundle bed underneath. It had drawers, a desk, and a storage area in the back. In the daytime we would roll the trundle bed underneath and we would have a lot more room. But at night when ever someone rolled around on the top bunk the door to the storage area would open and close. Also we would hit our heads on the ceiling or the fan in the summer because the top bunk was only about a foot away from the ceiling. The bed didn't work so we gave it to someone else. We tried bed frames and storing some of our stuff under our beds but that ended up just being a huge mess.

I really liked having the dresser but my sister didn't. So I agreed to getting rid of the dresser and building storage beds.

I wanted to paint the trim pink and my sister doesn't like the color pink AT ALL. But she still let us paint it pink.

I know that it can be hard to "be last" but sometimes it's better to just say "Ok, we can do it your way" than to argue about it.

So if you try compromising something and nothing is working out then just remember, sometimes you have to be last : )

One Sis Two Sis Me Sis You Sis: Compromise

My sister Kathryn and I are best friends, but we're also complete opposites. This is really hard when you're sharing a room because you both have your own decorating styles. You may want different furniture, different colors for the wall, a different floor lamp. Whatever it is, really your only choice is to compromise.

I know it seems simple but when it comes to it, compromising can be really hard. When Kathryn and I decided to redo our room we both had completely different ideas of what it was going to look like. Our room has bright green walls, black chalkboard doors, black baseboards and hot pink trim. In my mind our room was going to be light purple with dark purple trim. Kathryn wanted it to be red. But when we talked about it we eventually decided to paint it how it is now and we both love it.

Here is a list of some ideas for compromising:
1. Each person takes a piece of paper and fold it in half so you have two columns.
2. Label one column "yes" and the other "no way".
3. Each person writes down what she would really like to have or do in the yes column and what she absolutely can't deal with in the no way column.
4. Get together and compare. If one of you has something in the yes column that is a no way for the other persons column, cross it out.
5. Highlight anything that you both have in the yes column.
6. Go over anything that is in each of your yes columns and highlight anything you agree on. You might be surprised that you have the same ideas, or a great idea that the other didn't think of.

Hopefully, you have agreed on some items and can start making a plan. If you can't come up with a plan, come back tomorrow and read my post on preferring others : )

One Sis Two Sis Me Sis You Sis: How to Share a Room with Your Sister and Survive.

I am beginning a new blog series called One Sis Two Sis Me Sis You Sis: How to Share a Room with Your Sister and Survive.

My sister and I share a medium sized room, and it can be hard sometimes. I've tried searching for organization tips specifically for sisters sharing a room, but I haven't been able to find any information. Since there doesn't seem to be anything on this subject I figured I would write about it myself.

In this series there will be a new blog post every day covering organization, decluttering, keeping your room clean, decorating, and getting along with your sister as you organize your room.

I'm not an expert on any of this. I will also be trying to improve myself as I write this series. I will be sure to reference any sources that are helpful.

I hope you enjoy this series and find it helpful : )