Friday, June 9, 2006

New background

Hello everybody. Today I got a new backrouund for my blog. Please someone come to my blog!  I need comments please please please please! My new background is really pretty. Well I have to go now. Bye! Remember if you are at my blog please send a comment.



  1. Ally,

    I really like the new look of your site. I like your story about the birthday party too.



  2. I love it! did you do it? happy late birthday!

  3. I love your blog page. It is beautiful. Your scarves are also beautiful. I am so proud of how you keep them so even!!

    The birthday party blog was good also Ally. I didn't see violet. Is she beautiful?

    Love you

    Aunt Lisa

  4. Hi Allsyon

    Bookworm? I don't believe it. Now if your Mom was a bookworm, that would explain alot:):)

    Love you

    Aunt Elena

  5. hi, ally, i like your background!! i hope you are doing well :)

    love ya, aunt nicole

  6. hi ally, grandma suzette and i are at work and she says hi and she thinks your blog is really pretty!!!

  7. WOW! you have the most prety'est background (and blog ) I'v ever seen! thanks for enering my contest! ( nobody else seems to care....) um....I'll let you know if you the mean time....why dont you make a contsest? I'm sure it will be great!! you want to be freinds with me? ( I do!! ) uh-oh! I gatta go! see you later!!

    your new freind: RuthRose ( p.s I like the pink-poodle! it is SO cute!! why did'ent I

    think of that? ;)

  8. it is soposed to be a song...Hello? is anyone in there??

  9. I love your new backround.

    I think it is so pretty!

    See you soon.


  10. WOW SunnyDelight!! your blog is so beautiful! I wish mine was as stylish as yours.. You will have to give me some blogging tips ..Ok?

    Well ttyl (talk to you later) <3 Christina (aka your cousin)