Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I was tagged by andijeane

Tag Rules:

1).The player starts with 8 random facts about herself or himself.

2).The person who is tagged must post, on his or her own blog, the answers and post the rules first.

3).Then the player must pick 8 people and tag them. Also leave them a note on Message that lets them know that you tagged them. You can write who you tagged on your blog also!

Random facts:
1. I play piano
2. I am home schooled
3. I love dogs
4. I like peanut butter & jelly
5. I am a Christian
6. I like to read
7. I like to play with doll's
8. I love playig outside

I tagged Ruth Rose  Doglvr  bookworm12  Aunt Lisa Christina31 Emmy  ArwenU and Patches


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  1. love your blog, super cute

    wish i could come up north with you!

    c ya,